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The Story of Power-eCommerce

Founded in 2002 Ecommerce Solutions for B2C, B2B, B2G & DTC.

Our Story

Back in 1999 our founder owned a off-line business and was looking to start selling online. If you were around back then you know there was not a lot to choose from for ecommerce software. Lucky our founder went to collage for programming. At this point he started the process of building an ecommerce platform that would meet his company's needs. In about 4 weeks he launched his first online store. As the weeks and months passed, he added more and more function to the software. Being the one writing the software and running the business that used it he focused on what made the software more usable for his employees as well as improving the customer experience. As time continued sales grew for the online store and so did the calls from other businesses asking where he got his software.

Finally, one day a major competitor of his called and wanted to know where they could get the same software he was using. At this point he knew what he needed to do and sold his business to that same competitor and started Power-eCommerce. He then started hosting ecommerce stores for his former competitors and many more. Those first few customers are still with us today.

Our Philosophy

We believe in innovation and constant improvement. We push ourselves to keep making our solutions better and more intelligent. Automation of the ecommerce experience is a key part of what we strive for to help our merchants sell more and lower labor costs. Giving the merchants customers a great experience and helping to build trust.

Client Success
Constant Improvement
Customer Experience
Highly Educated & Skilled team of software developers and UI/CI/CX designers.
Dramatically increasing ecommerce usability and function though smart design & engineering.
Customer Oriented service and feature development. The best innovation is client driven.
Our automation goals are about two main points; Saving labor cost for our clients & deliver their customers a great ecommerce experience.

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